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AsperX Metal Detector
AsperX Pinpointer Metal Detector, 360°Scan and IP66 Waterproof Metal Pointer Detectors Tool Accessories for Gold Coin Treasure Hunt Junior Beginner Adult Kids,Easy One Button Operation

  • ✔360° Metal Detector Pinpointer: AsperX Metal pointer adopts the Newest DSP voice chip which has Sound source localization and Echo cancellation capability function, The bar design and 360°detection technology allow you to insert the hand held metal detector into hole to detect and hold the metal detector horizontally to quickly scan large area and then use pinpointing tip to narrow and precisely locate the target before dig.

  • ✔Durability and Waterproof Metal Detector : The durability of AsperX pinpointer is based on MIL STD 810 F certificate that will provide years of reliable operation even in rugged environments, IP66 waterproof pinpoint tip allow you to detect in water less than 9cm or use in the rainy day. Perfect choice for treasure hunting in tight niche areas which your typical metal detector can't get to !

  • ✔Audio Vibrator Alert & Led Indicator: Smart Vibration and audio indicator ensure you won't miss any alert when in a noisy environment. High Sensitivity for improved detection of small targets, it can work indoors, outdoors, on sand, lawn or in soil, locate coin, silver, jewelry and gold with speed and accuracy. Built in led light, convenience to operate at night.

  • ✔ONE-TOUCH Operation & Portable Lightweight: Single-button operation, allows user to quickly turn out the detection, without having to step through multiple sensitivity settings. With a belt holster and retractable Hanging Wire, you can use this metal detector whenever and wherever you want.

  • ✔Perfect Choice for Hunting: Pinpointer metal detector with high sensitivity helps you detect small metal targets before digging, such as coin, gold, silver, relics, jewelry, construction work like finding screws and nails within the dry wall, finding screws in your garden to prevent accidental injury or valuables lost in the garden. It can save your time and give much fun in your treasure hunting.

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